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Lose Weight / Weight Loss through online group hypnotherapy / coaching sessions

A revolutionary approach to weight loss by Frankie Picasso and Sam Weller

Jump off the Cliff and Fly or How to have a Positive Meltdown
A program to managing Weight Loss Forever!

Please finish the following sentence by filling in the blanks:
  • If only I was thin, you have no idea how different my life would be!

  • If only I had more energy and less stress in my life, I would be a changed person.

  • If only I had confidence, I know that I would be successful and able achieve my goals.

If you are someone who has been overweight for any period of time, chances are that you know every diet there is intimately. You know how to count positive and negative calories, how many calories there are in a fat gram and how many calories you will burn by doing a Richard Simmons 'Dancing to the Oldies' video.

Desperate to lose weight, you have pretty much cornered the market in the infomercial industry and can write a testimonial for most of their weight loss products/gimmicks. Each time a new product comes on the TV, you admonish yourself for staying tuned but you can't help yourself. Even knowing that what they are selling will probably end up in the garbage like all the others you have purchased, your credit card comes out and you start to dial the number on the screen. THIS time you really hope that you have found the answer to your prayers. You wait impatiently for the package to arrive. Meanwhile you gorge yourself with food rationalizing that from the time the Miracle arrives to save you AND you die, there will never be chocolate cake or ice-cream in your future again. So, this is your last chance to eat! Are you surprised that I know this? Did you think we haven't been there? Trust me, you are not alone.

Let's be honest here. While your motivation was high, you did manage to lose a few pounds. Unfortunately, once the honeymoon period was over, a few months at best, 'life and your bad habits' resumed again, and any weight lost during that time, came back with an additional few pounds for good measure or vengeance. Nothing has really changed has it?

Right now you could pull your hair out you are so frustrated. Nothing is working for you! You feel like such a loser and you don't know who or what to believe anymore. You are about to have a meltdown but are afraid if you let go, your thin person inside you, the one who really cares, they will be lost forever. You know you need help, but where do you turn?

You can turn to us. Sam Weller and I have a fantastic program called Positive Meltdown. We are experts in the field of weight loss, hypnosis and coaching and we are here to help you!

I know that you have heard this before, but what options are left? If you have tried diet pills or fat blockers you know that taking these substances will eventually harm you and the fact is, they aren't really the answer to life long weight-loss issues. Stomach stapling surgery is extreme and dangerous and should be seen as a last resort decision. It too is life threatening.

I imagine that most people would tell you to stop eating so much, but I am willing to bet that you already eat less than most of those people. That is until anxiety and stress force you to reach for anxiety reducing comfort foods that you believe calm you down. Most of these however are laden with high fat and caloric content, hence the satiety.

So what choices are left? Are you supposed to starve yourself? How can you be expected to exercise with no fuel? You aren't!

I know that you have heard this before, and I don't know of any other way to convince you other than to say, our reputation speaks for itself, we are serious, and we DO have the answer for you. If you are ready to commit to saying goodbye to the fat you are carrying right NOW, then YES, we can help you take that weight off, finally and forever.

We do know what we are talking about. We are experts in the field of hypnotherapy, coaching, motivation and training. The only other thing we can add is that both Sam and I have stellar reputations that we would like to keep, and you don't get those by being a charlatan or disreputable. Positive Meltdown is an innovative program that can be done in the privacy of your own home, over the telephone.

I know that some folks discriminate against you because of your weight and they may even call you names or make fat jokes around you, but that's not the worst of it, is it? Nope! The harm they do to you is nothing compared to the disparaging remarks, negative self-talk and abusive chatter that runs non stop inside your head all day long. This commentary is so vicious and cruel, that if it came from anyone else, you would be forced to charge him or her with harassment and bodily harm. Why bodily harm? Your outside is a reflection/consequence of what is going on inside your body. Without meaning too, the negative chatter in your head is causing your weight to be out of control and this strain is putting your heart and other organs at risk. Don't worry. You can reverse many of the adverse effects you are currently experiencing and we are here to champion you to lose all the weight!

NB We strongly encourage you to visit your physician before undertaking any weight loss program and stay under his care should he feel it necessary.

Sam and I know the feelings of exhaustion, depression and low self-esteem that are competing for your attention right now. We also know how to help you.

What if I told you we have the secret to losing your weight forever? Would you be interested?

What if I told you that you could lose your weight easily, effortlessly and permanently? Would you believe me?

What if I told you to come to the EDGE and jump of the cliff, would you do it? Can you trust us?

What if I tell you that no one falls, they only fly? Would it make a difference?

What if you knew it was really true and you could change your life? Would you do it?

New-Online Group Hypnotherapy/Coaching Sessions

Introductory Special NEW GROUP HYPNOTHERAPY * coaching WEIGHT LOSS

Positive Meltdown is our first ever-worldwide group based hypnotherapy & coaching session for weight loss and we are very proud to offer it. The benefits of this two pronged approach to our clients are innumerable and now it is affordable and accessible to everyone.

Clients who wish to lose weight can do so conveniently over the phone or skype without leaving their house. Frankie and I will be live, just as we are in a one to one session; the only difference being that others will be benefiting from the call at the same time. We will be setting up a forum dedicated to your particular weight loss group for added support.

Participants will have a chance to connect with Sam or Frankie at the beginning or end of a session to ask any questions that may arise. Email support is also available at anytime. All in all a unique package of hypnotherapy and coaching.

ONLY $250.00 for 3 sessions (including coaching back up) If you have looked around and seen the prices for hypnosis then you will know that this is an incredible price on its own. Coupled with the Coaching support, this is the deal of a lifetime!

At Positive Meltdown we are offering the latest and most convenient and affordable option for weight loss you can imagine. Sam and I are serious about helping people just like you meet their goals so that is why we came up with this plan. We knew it had to be affordable, convenient and flexible and we met our goals. Isn't it time you met yours?

By joining our online Group hypnosis session you can have all the benefits of working live with a professional Hypnotherapist and Certified Coach at half the cost. Connect using skype or a telephone (we will provide set up details)

Flexibility service, convenience, and a low price, all make this an incredible package. No matter where you are in the world, your weight loss session is ONLY a phone call away.

Don't Delay. Contact us now! Click here to make a booking.

Some comments from those that have experienced online hypnotherapy

“Hi Sam,

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you today and having this wonderful opportunity to work with you personally. I felt so relaxed during the session, but particularly afterwards. Even now, when I think about it, my body just feels good and loose.

I rate the session very high.

I was and am still very relaxed. I found your voice as well as the things that you said to be very relaxing and effective.

I absolutely believe this is a very effective way to conduct this therapy. Especially after having been through one, I now know what I would do differently in the future. For both you and the client, I think it is an excellent way to conduct the process.

I thought it was excellent that you had your web cam so that I could see you (this could be a comfort level for some people) and it may have helped you to see me during the session, but I can see this working perfectly well if the client did not have a web cam.

I think you idea is excellent and I am sure it will be extremely successful.

I look forward to speaking with you on October 18th!

All the best,
Susan Bagyura
Life Coach

Hi Sam & Frankie

Just some feedback on today's session. There is a saying that if something is worthwhile it is worth waiting for!

I felt totally relaxed during the session, very happy to listen to the sound of Sam's voice and found myself drifting off very quickly.

When the suggestion for tingling toes and fingers was given, mine did. I am not entirely sure what Sam said to my unconscious mind, but it seems to be working. I do not have the desire for a biscuit, bar of chocolate or anything else naughty to eat (which normally happens at this time of day!)

Now I have to say as someone who has trained in NLP Master and Hypnotherapy I found this session great, very helpful and even though I understand the process couldn't fight it as my unconscious mind just took over whilst I was in this relaxed state.

WELL DONE! Keep up the good work

All the best

Hi Frankie,

YES to relax - and in ways that are surprising because the relaxation and calm has eased its way into other areas of experience today. I find I'm less anxious overall and clearer headed. Hmmm.

Still hungry but not feeling EATEN UP by it, if you know what I mean. I was hungry almost immediately after the call - unusual because I'm not a breakfast person - and prepared a toasted multi-grain bagel with cream cheese. I found myself skipping the butter and cutting the measure of cream cheese by about 2/3s - and then found myself satisfied with just half a bagel, eating slowly (gobbling has been a thing for me) and really enjoying it, and happily passing the other half to my husband. No guilt, no conflict or tug of war.

If that's the ease I can expect to populate my days going forward, life will be a gas from here on out! Given that each induction will take me deeper, I'm cautiously excited about where this will allow me to go - and not go!

Having said that the URGES I most often do battle with are in the evening after 8 or so. I'll be better able to respond after a couple of evening's experience.

Global No Drive Day sounds like a great idea! I'll be sure to listen...

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this trial. It's already been an adventure and I look forward to the rest.


Click here to make a booking

Mission statement

As an online product we wish to be able to reach as many areas as possible outside of the Oxfordshire practice area, to help people to Lose Weight in a cost effective way by use of our Group online wieght loss coaching sessions.

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